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Online Learning Agreement WWU: Everything You Need to Know

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional learning methods, leaving students and universities to adjust to the new normal of online learning. At Western Washington University (WWU), online learning has become a vital part of the education system, making it important for all students to understand the Online Learning Agreement and its implications.

In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about the Online Learning Agreement at WWU.

What is the Online Learning Agreement?

The Online Learning Agreement is a set of guidelines created by WWU to provide students with the necessary information on how to successfully engage in online learning. The agreement outlines expectations for students and instructors and provides a framework for communication, assessment, and grading.

The agreement also takes into consideration the unique challenges that come with online learning, such as the need for reliable internet access and the use of technology tools to participate in class activities.

What are the expectations for students?

To successfully engage in online learning at WWU, there are several expectations for students outlined in the Online Learning Agreement. These include:

1. Regular attendance and participation: Students are expected to attend all online classes and participate in class activities and discussions.

2. Active engagement: Students should actively engage in all course material, including completing assignments, participating in discussions, and asking questions.

3. Respectful communication: Students should communicate with their instructors and peers in a respectful and professional manner.

4. Academic integrity: Students are expected to uphold academic integrity standards set by WWU.

5. Compliance with technology requirements: Students must have access to the necessary technology and internet connection to engage in online learning.

What are the expectations for instructors?

Instructors also have certain expectations to meet for successful online learning at WWU. These include:

1. Clear communication: Instructors should communicate course expectations, assignments, deadlines, and grading policies clearly to students.

2. Accessible course materials and resources: Instructors must provide students with accessible course materials and resources, including recorded lectures, readings, and presentations.

3. Regular feedback: Instructors should provide regular feedback on student assignments and participation.

4. Accommodation for students with disabilities: Instructors should ensure that all course materials and activities are accessible to students with disabilities.

5. Flexibility: Instructors should be flexible and understanding of the challenges that come with online learning.

What happens if you violate the Online Learning Agreement?

Violating the Online Learning Agreement can have serious implications for students. These include:

1. Course failure: Failure to meet the expectations outlined in the agreement can result in failing the course.

2. Disciplinary action: Violations of academic integrity standards can result in disciplinary action by the university.

3. Loss of financial aid: Failure to meet attendance requirements can result in the loss of financial aid.

4. Dismissal from the university: Repeated violations of the Online Learning Agreement can result in dismissal from the university.


The Online Learning Agreement is an essential framework designed to help students and instructors navigate the challenges of online learning at WWU. By understanding and adhering to the expectations outlined in the agreement, students can ensure academic success and avoid potential consequences. It is crucial for all students to read and understand the Online Learning Agreement, as it plays a vital role in the overall online learning experience at WWU.

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